What It is

The production of over 11.000 TV commercials all over the world causes about 200.000 tons of CO2 emissions every year.

Our answer to this is: CUT!CO2 THE CARBON FILM QUOTE

An initiative with the goal of reducing the CO2 emissions caused by the production of TV commercials by making the CO2 visible.

Germany’s largest advertising agency, BBDO Germany, together with internationally recognised carbon footprint specialists created a complex but easy to use software that in the bidding phase automatically calculates the CO2 emissions in the production quote. The CARBON FILM QUOTE allows the planning of CO2 effective production alternatives.

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How It Works

CUT!CO2 THE CARBON FILM QUOTE is based on the standard calculation program of the GWA (German Association of Communications Agencies) / German Producers Alliance (Advertising).

The program is open-source, exact calculations are based on data drawn from scientific databanks throughout the world wide web.
The CARBON FILM QUOTE allows the configuration of environmentally friendly production alternatives by making the CO2 hot spots in the production bid visible.

The details of how this works you can read here

The project CUT! CO2 enjoys the support of renown pilot partners

Objectives: Transparency, efficiency und quality

The core idea of this project is the improvement of the CO2 balance associated with TV commercial productions, while maintaining quality.

Method: Project schedule

CUT!CO2: The Carbon Film Quote project went through several careful steps of research, developement and road-testing.

Together we can help limit global warming to 2°C by 2050 to reduce the threat of climate change.

A TV commercial brings different players and specialists together in the remotest corners of the earth, for an extremely short time, to produce a single unique product. If we can manage this highly complex and unique production chain in a sustainable manner, not only will the film and advertising industry profit from this, but hundreds of suppliers to the film industry will apply this best practice to the other industries they serve.

Pilot projects and productions are leading the way in environmentally efficient and sustainable production.

And this is how it works in detail

Here you can see an example quote based on the standard calculation program of the GWA (German Association of Communications Agencies) / German Producers Alliance (Advertising).

Here you can find all the relevant emission facts for calculating CO2 emissions

The world wide success of the CUT!CO2 THE CARBON FILM QUOTE initiative proves that CO2 reduction in the production of TV commercials is possible.
Whether you actively participate in this or not, is question of attitude.

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